Nanaimo Youth Choir

The Nanaimo Youth Choir is an enthusiastic group of young ambassadors who promote singing and their community when they travel and love entertaining audiences here at home.

Founded in 1992 by Artistic Director, Marion Smith, in affiliation with the Nanaimo Conservatory of Music, the choir has a long list of accomplishments.

The choristers have participated in choral festivals in Calgary, Vancouver, and have twice attended the Pacific International Children’s Festival in Eugene, Oregon.  In 2016, they sang as part of the Distinguished Concerts International at Carnegie Hall in New York City where, as part of a Children’s International Choir, they premiered music composed for choir and orchestra by Venezuelan Conductor, Christian Grasses.

They have won the BC Festival of the Arts nine times, eight of them consecutive to and including 2017.

Singing is a huge part of their lives. The fun starts with four year olds and continues into the late teen years within the choral program.

Director: Marion Smith