VIU Singers

The VIU Singers is a choral group that has been an integral part of the Vancouver Island University Music program for many decades. It is an ensemble which aims to instill a life-long love of choral singing. Students are guided, both aurally (through “call and response”) and through reading scores to discover and develop their voice, musical ear, and rhythmic sensibility.

Repertoire is drawn from folk songs, spiritual, contemporary inspirational community songs and standard choral masterpieces. Not often heard off campus, Nanaimo Sings! events offer a wonderful opportunity for the students to showcase their accomplishments.

Director, Rosemary Lindsay, a UBC music graduate, is a long-time singer, voice teacher and choral director. For Rosemary, music is a first love, and furthering the skills of her singers, while pursuing choral heights, is a true passion.

Director: Rosemary Lindsay
Accompanist: Pippa Williams

Contact: Rosemary Lindsay at