Made in Nanaimo:
Celebrating Song and Partnership

3:30 pm, Sunday March 5, 2023
Port Theatre, Nanaimo, BC

Made in Nanaimo: Celebrating Song and Partnership marked the resumption of live performance for Nanaimo Sings! and a revitalization of our purpose which is to promote “community through song”.   This show was 14 months in the making and the outcome was a demonstration of the power of collaboration.  It was a celebration of the artistry and talent in our community that was summed up this way by one of our participants, “Thank you so much for providing this opportunity for us all to be back together again after a long, lonely time.  Nanaimo Sings! is back!”

More thoughts:

  • I was struck by how much I treasured the final experience.  This was something new so none of us knew how it was going to turn out, and I had my doubts along the way!  But it was wonderful!  There was so much joy in seeing a big project full of so much collaboration come together so well. 
  • I have sung in most of our Nanaimo Sings events and this concert was a wow!! The best ever and I think this was due to great collaboration, organization, a willingness to commit by all concerned.  The respect shown to each other whether musician, organizer, conductor, singer was so heart warming to be part of.  A big thank you to everyone for their enthusiasm, hard work and camaraderie

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    March 5, 2023 at The Port Theatre in Nanaimo
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